Your Personal Space Router

The two previous technological applications can be mixed in a future high-power, high flexibility broadband payload that may completely revolution the way users access to satellite communication links, meaning, in practice, that each individual user or group of users would perceive the satellite as if its entire power and bandwidth were allocated exclusively to them. The proposed architecture would consist of a receiving multispot active array antenna directly digitised through a PHASER system, and then a very high performance On board Processor with Digital beamforming capabilities both in reception and transmission would feed data to a DDS system connected to an active array transmission antenna.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Dynamic Beamforming Space Router

Taking into account that different users would access the satellite at different moments in a burst time slotted fashion, this architecture would allow associating each IP data burst to a certain antenna beamforming configuration. This means that such a system would configure the Rx and Tx ultra-narrow antenna lobes to be centered in the user position during its burst time so that during that time, the entire satellite power and antenna gains are dedicated to the users in a very narrow spot, thus allowing the satellite access to be performed with very small devices using very little RF power to obtain high bandwidth.